There is few things more important to a dentist than a great dental assistant and we truly believe we have the best! From helping the doctors chair-side, talking through the procedures with our patients, to gathering and organizing infomation their role in the office is truly invaluable. 




Hometown and Education

  • Judy was born and raised in Rock Valley, Iowa and is a longtime resident of Sioux Falls.

  • She obtained a bachelor's degree from Briar Cliff College in Sioux City Iowa.

How did you get into dentistry?

  • She has been in the dental field for 23 years as a dental assistant & has been with our team for over 18 years.

  • She enjoys keeping on the cutting edge of dentistry, and received her Dental Assisting Implant Certification through International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

  • Judy is a certified dental assistant. Judy loves working within an office that keeps up with technology so we can offer our patients the best of care, she also loves working on smile makeover cases with patient's who come in uncomfortable with their smile, then once treatment is complete, they can't stop smiling.

  • She also appreciates Dr. Kusek's dedication to continuing education for the entire staff. She says that she is thankful to be working with such a great staff and she knows that we have the BEST patients!

Tell us about your family.

  • In her free time Judy enjoys spending time with her son, daughter-in-law & grandson.

What are your interests and hobbies?

  • She also enjoys walking, reading, sewing, quilting, movies, supporting her son's music endeavors and the Washington Pavillion.



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hometown and education

  • Rylie was born and raised in Pierre, SD and just completed the ATS (Assist to Succeed) program here in Sioux Falls.

How did you get into dentistry?

  • Rylie has always been obsessed with teeth and she loves having the opportunity to work in the dental field and help people take care of or improve their smile.

  • She says that she loves all the new technology that comes along in Dentistry and is always learning new things.

tell us about your family

  • Rylie is the youngest in her family of four; her parents live in Pierre and she as one older brother.

  • She also has a cat named Milo

what are your interests and hobbies?

  • Rylie really enjoys going back to her hometown and going out on the river

  • When she's not working or studying for the DAANCE exam she's usually catching up on her sleep.