Fixed Implant Dentures


what is the difference between normal dentures and implant dentures?

  • Studies have shown that when a patient undergoes a transition from full dentition (all of their teeth) to dentures, they lose about 80-90% of their chewing function, as well as a significant decrease in ability to speak properly and taste foods.

  • Dentures require a moderate amount of bone present for there to exist good retention between the soft tissue overlying the bone and the denture.

    • Often many patients lack the necessary amount of bone to construct stable conventional dentures, especially in areas that matter the most

  • By placing implants into the jaw, it gives a post for the dentures to snap onto, significantly increasing the retention and stability of the dentures.

    • This is especially important in the lower jaw where the tongue, cheeks, and chewing muscles are known to frequently cause the lower denture to become loose while eating and talking.

    • Implants allow the chewing function of the patient to almost return to normal.

What is the process for getting implant dentures?

  • We review each treatment plan individually and ensure that it will deliver the long term results that you desire and want.

  • Our implant appointments start with a records and consult appointment where we will take impressions of your teeth and gums, photographs, a 3D X-ray to assess bone levels, and talk you through your options.

  • From there we will digitally plan out the surgery beforehand so that we can deliver optimal results when it comes time to place the implants.

    • Typically anywhere from 2-6 implants are required to help retain either an upper or lower denture.

    • We want these implants to be in the more dense and healthy bone possible and if there is an insufficient amount we will discuss your options for growing new bone that will help stabilize the implants.

  • After placement of the implants we will deliver a temporary denture to wear to help aid in chewing and talking and will also help protect the implants.

  • After a few months the implants will be assessed to make sure they have fully integrated into the bone and your denture will now have much greater stability and support and help you discover a way of using teeth again you may have never thought was possible.

What is the benefit of having fixed implant dentures over removable implant dentures?

  • There are 2 main differences when comparing Fixed Implant Dentures to Removable Implant Dentures

    • First, Fixed Dentures are much more rigid and stable than Removable Implant Dentures.

      • With Removable Implant Denture they are able to be removed by the patient to be cleaned, therefore there is a limit to how rigid they can be.

      • With Fixed Implant Dentures, the denture is only removed by the dentist or hygienists who will clean the denture for the patient. The denture is otherwise rigidly screwed into place, which in turns helps to restore nearly all of the patient's chewing function.

    • Also Fixed Implant Dentures have the benefit of being much smaller in the mouth compared to Removable Implant Dentures

      • Since the denture is rigidly fixated to the implant and screwed in, the implants are the main thing supporting the denture.

      • This erases the need to cover large areas of the palate and gum tissue between the jaw bone and the cheeks.

Is it possible to have the fixed denture immediately after surgery?

  • Being able to place implants and have a denture fixed into them the same day of surgery is an exciting new technology and technique that has recently gained popularity in implant dentistry.

    • This allows the patient to skip the step of having to wear a typical temporary denture that does not fix into the implants.

    • Immediately following surgery the patient will have a new set of teeth that will feel more similar to their own teeth than anything else available and they will be able to eat and talk much more efficient than using a typical temporary denture.

  • Not every case is ideal to place a implant-retained denture in the same surgery, our trained staff can visit with you to see if it is an option for you.