3-D Dental Imaging



what is different between routine dental x-Rays and 3-D x-rays?

  • Typical dental x-rays are two dimensional, just like a painting.
    • We only see the teeth and surrounding structures in two planes, vertical and horizontal. 
    • While these are very accurate in helping us diagnose decay, periodontal issues and position of teeth and anatomy is still misses information.
  • When we utilize Cone Beam Computed Tomography, CBCT, we are able to gain an additional dimension to our dental x-rays, the depth aspect.


What Are the benefits of 3-d dental images?

  • This technology allows us to see your teeth and supporting structures exactly like they are in the mouth.
  • This is invaluable when performing implant placements.
    • We can accurately plan exactly how much bone is present in the jaw to inform us and the patient if additional bone grafting is necessary.
    • It also tells what type of implant can be used while avoiding critical arteries, veins, nerves, and anatomical spaces.
  • It also helps us detect possible abscesses and fractures in teeth. 
    • By being able to visualize the depth of the tooth and bone, we can see every millimeter and catch issues before they become too serious of a problem.