Laser Dentistry

At Kusek Family & Implant Dentistry we pride ourselves on learning and implementing the newest and most innovative technologies. By utilizing dental lasers in our practice we are able to deliver patients a much more comfortable experience with markedly increased healing time. Our lasers are tissue specific so we can deliver optimal results while minimizing bleeding and pain. The laser energy works in a synergistic way with the body and delivers better and faster results than what otherwise could be possible with traditional methods alone. 


child lip & Tongue ties

The lips and tongue are connected to the jaw bone and floor of the mouth, respectively, by very tough connective tissue. Often times this connective tissue is too long and interferes with babies ability use their lips and tongues. This can be detrimental to their ability to nourish properly and later in life can affect their speech and jaw development. Our very precise dental laser can relieve these ties extremely quickly. The treatment is far less invasive than traditional methods and often showspositive results in a single day and has created hundreds of much happier babies, mothers, and families.

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needle free dental fillings

Your dreams have become a reality! Finally, an option to restore teeth without the use of any anesthetic or needle. Our Solea Laser emits a directed energy light that provides numbness to the tooth being worked on while also removing decay. The hundreds of patients that have already received laser dental fillings state they barely feel anything at all during the procedure. 

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laser assisted periodontal therapy

Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis affects nearly 3/4 of all Americans. We have implement the newest modality in treating gum disease with clinically tested results. Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT) utilizes laser energy to sterilize and clean the gum tissue in a way that traditional methods simply cannot. While killing bacteria that causes gum disease, our laser treatment actually helps promote healing and the growth of healthy new gum tissue. 


Low Level Laser Therapy

Used widely in medicine, Low Level Laser Therapy also shows great results for dental procedures. By utilizing very specific wavelengths of the invisible light spectrum, we can target areas where there may be chronic pain or recent trauma. This treatment requires no anesthesia, is virtually painless, and there are no side effects. It has shown fantastic results in healing many different conditions that traditional methods can not fully alleviate.