What is Photobiomodulation?

  • LLLT work by emitting a very specific light that is invisible to the naked eye directed towards small areas of the target tissue.

  • This specific light energy stimulates cells in the desired area to respond in a way that increases our body's own natural mechanisms.

  • These mechanisms increase cellular and tissue repair and decreases the amount of sensitivity and pain in the area.

what are the benefits ofPhotobiomodulation?

  • LLLT is used to help shorten the duration and severity of sensitivity and inflammation.

  • There are also no known side effects to LLLT and it is FDA approved.


what is commonly treated by Photobiomodulation?

  • This form of technology can be used to help treat many different conditions but it typically works best on those areas that have pain or recent trauma

  • Some of the conditions that we use LLLT to treat at our office are:

    • TMJ, Muscular Pain, Recent Extraction Soreness, Lichen Planus, Aphthous Ulcers, Actinic Chelitis