Needle-Free Fillings



what are Needle free dental fillings

  • Solea is a 9300nm Carbon Dioxide laser that is FDA-approved to cut both hard (teeth and bone) and soft tissues (gums).
  • The laser energy emitted from the Solea targets a specific particle inside our teeth that allows it to selectively remove portions of it to clean out the decay.
  • While it works to remove the decay in the tooth, the machine actually causes a analgesic (pain relief) effect that masks nearly all of the discomfort with having a filling.
    • The laser light actually moves around rapidly within a very small circle hundreds of times per second in a star-shaped pattern.
    • This ability to quickly move the energy around prevents the patient from becoming sensitive and provides a lack of pain perception.

will the process be uncomfortable?

  • The most frequent thing that patients may notice is a cold sensitivity due to the air and water that is sprayed on the tooth during the procedure. 
  • Since it is a very new experience in the dental office we will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely comfortable while we are working. 

Can every filling be done with this laser?

  • This technology is used extremely frequently in our office when working with kids and their baby teeth.
    • It allows us to work right away by taking care of their fillings and not having to worry about the needle or numb lip feeling afterwards. 
  • If you do have areas of decay we can talk with you and explain if this technology may be a good option for you.