Summer Happenings!


    What a warm summer we have been experiencing!   When first looking at my schedule of giving and attending lectures for the year, it didn’t seem like much, but it seems to have filled quite a bit.  It all started on January 13-14 at Orlando for a special symposium for a surgical bur that allows implant dentists to do a number of different things without grafting.  This saves the patient money and time!  A sedation meeting February 13-14 in Vegas followed that.  This meeting was to keep up to date with different drugs and procedures for better sedation and increased safety for patients.  Next I did a one-day course at Rutgers University School of Dentistry for laser usage with surgical applications.  These were practicing dentists from around the country.   I was asked by a large corporate dental supply company to speak on behalf of their new laser.  They have sent me to Boston, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Boise to teach a three-hour course on the use of the laser and show how to do some procedures with the laser.  In March I lectured for a Minneapolis implant study club.  Also during March, our office sponsored a laser lecture for 14 fourth year dental students from University of Nebraska along with two other clinicians.  Unfortunately most dental schools don’t offer much, if any, training on laser dentistry, so I was happy to provide this for new dentists.  In April, most of the staff attended the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s annual meeting.  I provided a lecture on treating implant infections and I was also Scientific Chair for the meeting, meaning I was in charge of developing the entire meeting. Gladly, it was a huge success.  During the month of June I lectured and attended the central district meeting for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and lectured at the president of AAID’s study club on a basic proficiency course for laser dentistry.  I was honored in July as I was awarded my second Lifelong Learning Service Recognition award from Academy of General Dentistry.

    Well, by now, many of you have met my son and associate in the practice.  Dr Alex graduated from the University of Nebraska dental school May 5th.   On April 29th he became engaged and on May 24th he started seeing patients for the first time in the “real world of dentistry.”  No, he doesn’t look like me (more like his older brother), but he has the same gentle hands as I am told that I do. Some of our patients remember him from days before grade school! He is excited to be treating patients. At this time he will be seeing patients for fillings, laser dentistry, and crowns. He is also starting his training for sedation and implant dentistry.  It is an honor to have him in our practice and I hope you will be able to meet him at your next cleaning appointment.  Dr. Alex and his fiancé, Gabrielle, are excited to be getting married on December 1st, and are hoping for just the right amount of snowfall. Amanda (my daughter and hygienist at the office) is one extremely busy individual.  Her twins (Emmylou and Willa) are now 13 months old.  They get into trouble in different directions, so she truly must have her head on a swivel.   My wife and I watched her three children over a weekend and we realized why the young have kids!  Grandma and Grandpa needed naps also!  Charlie (she will be 4 in October) has had a good summer with no major medical issues.  Her medication list is long and procedures that need to be performed daily are numerous, but Charlie reminds us how precious life is every day, and you should never take it for granted.  Charlie was fortunate to receive a Make-A-Wish trip in December to San Diego.  Grandma and I tagged along to help with the twins and enjoy the memories.  Adam (my oldest son) moved to Des Moines in December.  He works for Monsanto and they transferred him to the new seed distribution center.  The position is different from his corn research, but some of the work he was performing in the Harrisburg facility has carried over to his new position.  He and his wife Tiffin had the first boy of the Kusek grandchildren!  Camden Harrison is approaching 5 months as of this newsletter.  He is starting to coo and babble and has numerous outfits for shark week (one of his father’s passions!).  Unfortunately we do not get to see him as often as we would like, but we try to travel to Des Moines as much as possible with both of our schedules.   Even though he lives in Iowa, Camden still has numerous Nebraska outfits!  Jody (my wife) has consolidated her three stores into one.  It is still at The Bridges at 57th Street (57th & Western Ave.).  The consolidation has made for better use of space for each store and less stress for her life, trying to run three stores.  The stores are still Forget-Me-Not and Eddy Joy, but are now connected to each other.  

    Thank-you for the referral of family and friends, and now, with each referral to our office, you will receive a $100 voucher to use on dental treatment done at our office.  Have a fun and safe summer!

    Dr. Ed