what is the process of getting dentures?

  • When making the dentures the first thing we will do is evaluate your soft tissue and bone and go over with you what you can expect from your dentures.

    • For patients that have never worn dentures before they is a significant change in chewing and speaking function that we want you to be understanding of during the process.

    • Similarly to getting a joint replacement, there needs to be time set aside after the procedure to get used to your new prosthesis, a physical therapy of sorts.

  • We want to make sure that your gums tissues are fully healed before we begin taking impressions of your gums to make the dentures

    • If there has been or needs to be extraction of teeth with a poor prognosis we typically will allow these areas to heal between 8-12 weeks.

      • This is done because anytime teeth are removed there is significant bone remodeling and healing done that may affect the fit of your dentures if we do not allow for this healing time

    • Often times patients do not want to be without teeth in this healing period

      • For these situations we make "temporary" dentures which can be worn immediately following tooth removal and serve as dentures until the bone and gum tissue has fully healed.

      • Many times these dentures do not fit very well due to the bone remodeling but allow the patients to have teeth while they wait for their permanent dentures

  • For patients that already are missing all of their teeth, we can immediately begin taking an impression of the bone and gum tissue to create the base on which the denture teeth are fixated into.

    • Once the base is constructed we will work with you and the dental lab technician to ensure that your new teeth will be the proper shade and shape that you desire so you can have teeth that you will be proud to show off.

when would dentures be recommended?

  • Dentures are recommended when patients are missing all of their teeth or if the remaining teeth present such a poor prognosis that to restore them would not be feasible for either the dentist or patient.

  • Often times dentures can gain increased retention and support by the placement of implants into the jaw bone that the denture then snap onto.