Partial Denture


What are partial dentures?

  • Partial dentures are an affordable way to replace missing teeth

  • We are able to construct a metal or acrylic framework by utilizing the soft tissue and teeth surrounding the missing teeth.

    • This framework supports the rigidity of the partial dentures and keeps it from falling out of the mouth

    • Teeth that match the correct shade and shape of your existing teeth are sealed into the framework by a pink acrylic that matches the look of your gum tissue.

what can i expect during the process of getting partial dentures?

  • We first will take impressions of your teeth and a record of how your teeth come together to determine what type of framework will work best to support the missing teeth and provide optimal comfort while wearing the partial denture

  • Some type of partial dentures that provide the most optimal retention and support rely on the surrounding teeth to assist in the retention

    • We will create small areas on the teeth for the partial denture to rest onto to help it fully rest into the mouth and give superior strength.

    • Once we have gotten the framework back from the dental lab technicians, we will asses the fit to make sure it is comfortable in your mouth

    • Afterwards we will continue to work with you and the dental lab to ensure that you are satisfied with the way your new teeth look, feel, and function in the mouth.

why may partial dentures be the best option for me?

  • Partial dentures offer an economic way to replace missing multiple areas of teeth.

    • They restore the esthetics of your smile and allow more teeth to help you speak and chew

  • Other options that may give a more natural fit of replacing lost teeth are either implant crown and bridges or conventional dental bridges.