Wisdom Tooth Removal


why are wisdom teeth commonly removed?

  • During our teenage years the last set of our teeth wisdom teeth, or third molars, start to come into the mouth.
  • Very often these teeth do not come in straight like our other teeth and start to move in sideways, putting pressure on the teeth next to them.
  • This can lead to larger issues if the teeth are not removed in a proper time frame, most commonly:
    • Decay on the wisdom tooth and the teeth they contact
    • Pushing on the other teeth causing crowding
    • Jaw pain and tenderness
    • Sore gum tissue that may become infected


what is expected during wisdom teeth removal?

  • Typically our patient prefer to be sedated so that they can relax and wake up with no recollection of the procedure. 
    • Often there is pain medication given while you are sedated so it will help ease any post-operative soreness
    • Stitches are often placed in the area of wisdom tooth removal to aid in the healing process.


what technology and techniques are used to help healing?

  • We utilize laser technology while we remove the wisdom teeth. 
    • This allows for much less trauma to the area to lessen the amount of post-op discomfort while also increasing the healing time
  • Also we apply Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that acts as bio-stimulation to the area
    • This helps open the blood vessels to bring in more inflammatory cells to expedite the healing process.